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Many students have tried cheating in school using different ways. During exams, it is general for students to pass notes, write down the answers in a little piece of paper, or use codes to give answers to their neighbors. One can argue that cheating is more common when doing assignments. Since there will be no prying eyes from the teachers, students feel free to support one another, while some clearly copying homework from group-mates to reject exerting any effort on research.

Students admit to cheating

According to Pew Research Center study, thirty-five percent of teenagers admit to cheating by using their mobile phones to complete their tests or assignments. The same survey shows that sixty-five percent of students have witnessed their fellow students use their phones in school to find answers to test exams. Teachers find themselves in a hard spot because cheating has evolved over the years. Thanks to smartphones, students can now talk with their friends fast. They can also online search while sneakily hiding their gadgets from the eyes of their teachers.

Why students cheat

Although cheating is general in also classroom settings, many students may not even recognize that they are cheating. Even if they use smartphones or share answers. And even for those who know full well that their practices constitute cheating, they may plan to go on with their ways. This is due to intense academic pressure. Parents and teachers may be placing too much of a burden on their shoulders. This in turn is forcing them to cheat even cheat, even if there is forever a risk of getting caught. Most students are now looking to cheat on homework websites to ease that burden.

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